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Now is the time to convert For Rent by Owner Leads

For Rent by Owner

Have you considered prospecting For Rent by Owner Leads? Maybe it has not hit directly in your market yet. I have spoken to agents who say “Yes, now my buyers are only bidding against 5 other offers instead of 10!”. However, there are many more indicators that while things are still rolling along, the shift has begun.

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It is slowing, but there is still tons of opportunity and now is time to stock the shelves with new listings. Get your brand back out there, build your buyers database back up. These are all benefits of a slowing market. However, do not make the common mistake of waiting too long to start your prospecting, leaving the cupboard bare.

Now is the perfect time to capture the last wave of momentum from this historic summer market and reach out to landlords with vacant properties. The my +plus leads For Rent by Owner leads are the perfect source of possible homeseller leads.

With that vacant property costing them money, many landlords are all ears as to how they can capitalize on the 20-30% property value growth seen nationwide over the past 12 months. The offer to gain record gains off of their property is closing and now is the last chance to sell but only if they want to sell their home for way more money than it is worth. See how easy of a pitch it is?

Or maybe they would rather move out of this troublesome property which always seems vacant and flip into new investments? Regardless, the script writes itself and there is still plenty of time to convert landlords into clients.