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The term Absentee Owner describes a property where the owner does not actively reside in the property. While they technically fall under the same category, these leads differ from For Rent by Owners. In most cases the owner retains ownership for capital appreciation. 

As property continue to increase in value, these owner’s become excellent targets as listing leads for real estate agents and potential investment properties.  The my +plus leads Neighborhood Data Service allows you to filter geographic searches to identify these properties.

Absentee Owner Leads

Using our integrated search and mapping tool, you will identify your target area either by radius directly around a specific address or by drawing the target area on the map. Next, select “Non-Owner Occupied” and you your list will be filtered. Additionally, you can further narrow down your list using filters like length of ownership, assessed and estimated value, property type, square footage, and more. 

In addition to filtering by non-owner occupied or absentee leads, you can also use the Neighborhood Data Service to circle prospect your just listed, just sold or open house properties. Investors can filter by length in residence, construction date, and estimated or assessed value to uncover hidden gems in the area.

Absentee owners are just a small part of the service making it a must have in your lead generation toolbox. Start today and your billing will not start for 14 days – or contact us at 888-805-2991 for a consultation.