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Real Estate Agents Use Big Data to Gain Listings

Real Estate Leads

Prospecting is hard. Establishing your brand in your neighborhood takes time and discipline. It take consistency. Just jump on YouTube and you can find dozens of videos telling you to “time block” four hours every morning and dedicate it making contacts in your sphere of influence and local farm. And don’t forget the one hour a day that you are supposed to use for role playing and objection handling!

Easy right, since that is only five hours and the average work day is eight hours. That leaves plenty of time for managing your existing clients, staging your new listing and meeting the photographer. Throw in a few disclosures and that issue with yesterday’s inspection. Now all you have to do is hop in the car and tour six houses with the new out of state buyers who are in for the weekend. Okay, so maybe you are going to have to work a little overtime.

No problem right, because you only have two softball games on Saturday and the in laws coming in. So much for balance right?

Okay, so we all face it. Time management issues, but it doesn’t mean that you can allow your prospecting to suffer or else you will find the pipeline drying up. You must become more efficient. How? Better systems and better data.

Imagine you have an upcoming open house and you need to get in contact with neighbors to announce the event. You pull in the 500 closest contacts and sit down to work. What if the list could be ordered in a way that the owner’s most likely to take action were placed at the top of the list every time?

Every Fortune 500 company is leveraging data to their benefit. Shouldn’t you? The my +plus leads Premium Neighborhood Data Service with the Likely to List algorithm ensures that your prospecting time is used wisely by identifying homes and home owners that are more likely to make a move in the next 12 months. At the same time moving listings which are unlikely to take action to the back of the list.

In the case that your prospecting hours are cut short by all of the tasks required to be a successful real estate agent with a balanced life, you can be assured that you are still able to make contact with the best prospects.

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