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It's simple math. Better Data, Accurate Sources, and Efficient Time Management equals MORE COMMISSIONS.

It's All About the Data

Your business has changed. It's no longer WHO you know (present company excluded), but WHAT you know. We live in a world that exists in the cloud and persists on BIG Data. As a real estate professional, that may mean nothing to you, but it means everything to us. However, at the next cocktail party, you can tell everyone that your business is On the Line with Clouds and your data is HUGE.

Got it. But it's really complicated to use right?

We have designed our products to be intuitive, not complicated. It actually could not be any easier, just give us the zip code you want to center your search around. +plus will begin to deliver leads in your area as the system discovers them.

Easy to Use Expired Data

Accurate. Easy. Fast.

The +plus  product lines all use multi-source, tier one data providers to ensure your leads are of the highest quality.

The mapping system is completely customizable allowing you to import all your lead sources at the click of a button.

For Sale by Owner Leads, Expired Leads, and Geographic Leads are all appended with phone, email, and social media information.


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$ 29 /month
50 mile radius
Data Archive going back to up to one year
Cloud-based lead storage
Enhanced contact info provides additional contacts
Leads delivered by 8 AM via web and email
$ 49 /month
Expired Data
50 mile radius
Off-Market leads across your prospecting farm
Leads enhanced with email and social media
Cross referenced against listed properties
Leads delivered by 8 AM via web and email

Trusted by real estate agents across the country:

+phone is unique and gives me an extraordinary edge over the competition by providing a level of detail my previous providers could not match match.
Michael Underwood
Real estate is a relationship business. +plus doesn't provide me just leads, they help me to build relationships.
Ryan Collins

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