Expired Listing Leads

We search hundreds of online sources to identify off-market leads nightly, so you can prospect Expired, Canceled, and Withdrawn listings.

The +plus  Expired Lead Service leverages multiple tier-one databases to append Landline, VOIP, and Mobile Phones along with Email Addresses and Social Media Links to the listings. The information is aggregated and delivered to you inbox daily by 8 AM.

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Research done right

Time is money, especially when prospecting. Why spend hours downloading data, researching tax records, and using online white pages only to come up with outdated results?

Before your first sip of coffee, +plus  has uncovered, appended, and scored all of the off-market leads (Expired, Canceled, and Withdrawns**) for the past 24 hours and automatically delivered them into your web portal, email, or favorite prospecting platform.

***Withdrawns where available

Best Number Technology

When available, we provide the phone number directly from the advertisement. Additionally, we enhance each listing with reverse searches to append names and addresses registered to the owner.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners post a valid phone number. Using +plus   Best Number Technology, you will receive hard-to-find Landline, VOIP, and mobile phone numbers to ensure you are contacting the highest amount of prospects.

True Owner Information

Renters, absentee owners, foreclosures, short sales, owner/agent...

There are many types of off-market listings and they are not all equal. We access public records to discover the true owner of the property and eliminate properties which we determine will not be re-listing their home. Our technology ensures you will be contacting the decision maker while saving you the time and money of prospecting to listings that will not list with another agent.

Without the proper systems in place, your success will be limited. Unfortunately, there is no perfect system for every business. My +plus   leads is committed to getting your leads into the system that ensures your select.

We currently sync with the following partners:

  • ArchAgent Powerdialer
  • MOJO Sells
  • LionDesk
  • Top Producer
  • Follow-up Boss
  • The Wise Agent
  • Realty Juggler
  • Prospect Boss

More ways to connect

Today, people are always on their phones, but that does not necessarily mean they are going to answer them. The +plus   provides you with more ways to reach potential clients.

Using the most advanced database systems available, +plus aggregates email and social media information for homeowners. Now you can engage homeowners in the medium they are most comfortable. Add them to your drip campaign or send them a note through Twitter or Facebook. Proving, +plus   also means more.

Leads in the cloud

Always prospecting? Our cloud-based system ensures that you leads are always available on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. The +plus  allows you to save contact notes, schedule follow-ups, and organize your leads like never before.

Change your preferences online at anytime including delivery type, coverage area, contact information. Setup your leads to automatically sync with your favorite Contact Relationship Manager or web-based dialer.

Sync your leads with leading CRM and Dialers such as LionDesk, WiseAgent, TopProducer, FollowUpBoss, SalesDialers and ArchAgent. Each morning your leads will be automatically imported or you can manually chose which leads are pushed into your contact manager. Alternatively, export your leads for easy import into any other platform such as MOJO Sells dialer or e-Edge.

Accurate, Easy. Contact more expired homeowners

+plus  is the most accurate lead service for only $49 a month.

Expired Listings
Identify new listings

Early in the morning our system scours the web and identifies new leads in your target area.

Cellular Append
Expired Real Estate Leads

+plus  adds relevant contact information including cellular phone numbers, emails, and social media profiles.

Real Estate Dialer
Delivered the way you want

Your leads are automatically delivered via email or sync'd with your favorite Contact Manager or Automatic Dialer.

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