For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

For Sale by Owner Leads.

According to National Association of Realtors only 9% of successful real estate transactions are For Sale by Owner. However, you will find dozens of sites advertising hundreds of private sale listings.

The +plus  FSBO Data Service sorts through these listings, extracts key elements, removes spam, and delivers them by 8am. All for $29 a month.

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The Most Sources

There is no For Sale by Owner MLS and today's seller has multiple options on where to list their home online. These listings are highly competitive and you cannot afford to miss a single opportunity.

+plus  scans local and national listings, creating the most comprehensive database of listings available to listing agents. Our constantly evolving algorithms provide you with a more accurate set of leads in a shorter amount of time than ever possible before.

Next Generation Contact Information

How we communicate has changed virtually overnight. Criss-cross directories of white pages will no longer put you in touch with today's sellers.

+plus uses multiple tier-one databases to build a unique snapshot of the history of each listing. Backed by a proprietary algorithm, the numbers are properly scored and you are provided with the best possible landline, VOIP, and mobile phone number. However, unlike most services, +plus does not stop there. Our system utilizes our proprietary algorithm to uncover E-mail addresses and social media profiles allowing you to communicate with prospects across multiple platforms.

Industry Leading Scoring

Using a combination of phone matching, owner verification, public record, and demographics the +plus system does not just send you contact information. It goes one step further, placing confidence scores on the information to ensure you are spending your prospecting time using the most accurate FSBO Leads in the industry.

Amazing Support

With over 30 years of experience our support team is ready to help you get to what matters...prospecting. We have created a complete support system designed to make sure that you get the answers to your questions in the way that you are most comfortable.

Whether you like to work alone or have your hand-held, you can choose from:

  • Live Chat
  • Knowledge Base
  • Email Ticket Systems

All Leads Welcome

Want to go back several years or have another set of listings that you need to verify contact information? No problem, +plus allows you upload any lead set and have contact information appended.

Our custom upload system is simple to use and allows you to map and store any lead source, including expireds, neighborhood data, or sphere of influence. Now you can verify all of your data in real-time, ensuring you are in constant contact with your most important prospects and clients.***Additional charges apply

Leads in the cloud

Always prospecting? Our cloud-based system ensures that your leads are always available on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. The +plus system allows you to save contact notes, schedule follow-ups, and organize your leads like never before.

Complete account management allows you to adjust your preferences online at any time. Change your delivery schedule, coverage area, or contact information on the fly. Setup your leads to automatically sync with your favorite Contact Relationship Manager or web-based dialer such as Top Producer or Wise Agent.

Accurate, Easy. Contact more FSBO homeowners

+plus  is the most accurate lead service for only $29 a month.

Expired Listings
Identify new listings

Our system constantly monitors multiple sources to immediately identify new leads within your target area.

Cellular Append
Enhance with contact info

+plus  adds relevant contact information including cellular phones and emails.

Real Estate Dialer
Delivered the way you want

Your leads are automatically delivered via email or sync'd with your favorite Contact Manager or Automatic Dialer.

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