Circle Prospecting

Neighborhood Data and Geographic Real Estate Leads

Are you a circle prospecting real estate leads, need to announce your Just Listed, Just Sold, or Open House? Neighborhood Data from +plus leads provides the most accurate data on the market.

Our Premium service, augments each property in real-time, including cell phones, landlines, VOIP, along with possible e-mail addresses and social media profiles.

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Make More Contacts

Just Listed or Sold a property and need to inform the neighborhood or create invites to this weekend's open house?

+plus  allows you to identify all of the properties within a radius or neighborhood. Perfect for geographic farming through mail, door knocking, email, and phone. With real-time search technology, you are ensured to have the most up-to-date owner information on every property.

Next Generation Contact Information

Today, there is no "best" way to contact every person. Trying to reach out to an entire neighborhood? Phone, e-mail, social media, need them all at your disposal. +plus Premium Neighborhood Service provides you with the true owner and most relevant contact information on the market today.

Industry Leading Scoring

Using a combination data mining, owner verification, public record, and demographics the +plus system does not just send you possible matches. It goes further, placing confidence scores on the information to ensure you are spending your prospecting time using the most accurate geographic leads in the industry.

Amazing Support

With over 30 years of experience our support team is ready to help you get to what matters...prospecting. We have created a complete support system designed to make sure that you get the answers to your questions in the way that you are most comfortable.

Whether you like to work alone or have your hand-held, you can choose from:

  • Live Chat
  • Knowledge Base
  • Email Ticket Systems

Packages For All Budgets

Our Premium Neighborhood service creates unprecedented value by ensuring that you have the most relevant contact information through real-time lookups.

Our Basic neighborhood service is perfect for new agents looking for high quantity, quality public contact information basic demographic information.

Leads in the cloud

Always prospecting? Our cloud-based system ensures that your leads are always available on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. The +plus system allows you to save contact notes, schedule follow-ups, and organize your leads like never before.

Complete account management allows you to adjust your preferences online at any time. Setup your leads to automatically sync with your favorite Contact Relationship Manager and auto-dialer such as Lion Desk, Top Producer or ArchAgent.

Circle prospecting for real estate agents

+plus  is the most accurate data source available to agents.

Geo Farming for Realtors
Identify new listings

Our system allows you to target your farm and identify listings before they list with your competetion.

Cellular Append
Enhance with contact info

+plus  adds relevant contact information mobile phones, possible email addresses, and social media links.

Real Estate Dialer
Just Listed / Just Sold Lists

Search by radius around your new listing or draw a neighborhood directly on our interactive map.

Sign up now and start using +plus  today and accelerate your prospecting.

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